About Us

Monday-Saturday 8:00am—10:30pm
Sunday closed

About Our Restaurant

Bo's Kitchen (宝食记)is a small business run by chef Bo and her husband Jeffrey. She started her business with a passion for cooking. Bo began her business at Ohana Hale Marketplace in October 2018, with a tiny booth and a small menu. In May 2021, Bo's Kitchen opened its second location at Pearlridge Shopping Center. Unfortunately, both locations closed due to building contracts. Luckily, in May of 2022, Bo found a new spot on South Beretania Street, our current location. With more time and experience, the restaurant has expanded its menu.

Our dishes are fresh and handmade Cantonese-style food. Try our dumplings, you'll be wonton more! Our wontons and dumplings are our signature dishes. Our Aunty prepares and wraps dumplings in the kitchen every morning! It's fresh! Also, you can't miss out on our noodle soup dishes. Our fresh chicken broth is made from scratch. Our Cantonese-style beef brisket is braised for 5 hours long. We also have rice plates and some vegetarian options. Ultimately, we bring a healthier style of Chinese food: less oil and no added MSG.

With our new equipment and a more prominent space, we can serve our customers an array of tasty and healthy dishes. Our dining area is clean and comfortable and our items are at an affordable price. Our staff is very polite and respectful, they are spreading positivity towards everyone. Please stop by and try some of our delicious comfort food! We hope you can enjoy our food every day just like at home.